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Current Committee Projects

Photo from the FRWA Archives

During the summer of 2015, the Lower Farmington River and Salmon Brook Wild and Scenic Study Committee will be involved in two major projects. One is participation in a multiyear effort, spearheaded by the Farmington River Watershed Association, to remove invasive plants thereby allowing an increase in native plant cover, in a riparian high floodplain forest in Fisher Meadows, Avon, CT. Under the supervision of a consulting botanist, volunteers have been enlisted to mechanically remove garlic mustard, dame’s rocket and Japanese barberry. The Study Committee has mainly assisted with the organization of volunteers and with work in the field although this year it will supply a small amount of funding.

The second project is development of a pilot river steward program, something in which the Study Committee is especially interested. Drawing on research and planning done with the use of Study Committee funds and volunteer time, the Study Committee has engaged a well-qualified summer intern to propose an approach suitable to the lower river and to Salmon Brook to address problems such as littering and other inappropriate behavior of recreational users and fishermen. The intern is also tasked with recruiting volunteer help to implement the pilot program. It is hoped that this experimental effort will lead to an established program on the Lower Farmington River and Salmon Brook.

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