Salmon Brook

SALMON BROOK (Photo by Tom Cameron)

Salmon Brook starts in the western highlands of Connecticut, in Hartland. It is generally narrow, swift, and has steep sides. The headwater of the West Branch is in Hartland near Sunset Road. Although the East Branch extends into Granville, Massachusetts, its designated segment begins at the Connecticut/Massachusetts border.

Salmon Brook flows southeast through Hartland, Granby, and East Granby and has three distinct segments: the West Branch, approximately 12.6 miles long; the East Branch, approximately 11.4 miles and the main stem, which flows approximately 2.4 miles downstream from the conjunction of the two branches to its confluence with the Farmington River in East Granby, directly across from Tariffville Park in Simsbury.

The headwaters of Salmon Brook, like the upper Farmington River, are still mainly undeveloped and much of the land it runs through is wooded. Both the lack of development and the wooded nature of the land along Salmon Brook are critical factors in determining its high water quality, both in terms of pollutants and water temperature. Salmon Brook is known for its cold water fishery and its cold water helps support a diversity of life in the Lower Farmington River.

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