Water Quality

QUIET REFLECTION (Photo by Tom Cameron)

  • Salmon Brook is considered to exhibit among the highest water quality of any river in Connecticut.
  • Due to the excellent water quality of Salmon Brook it is one of the premier cold-water fisheries of the state and is a top priority targeted stream for salmon restoration.
  • Outstanding recreational opportunities such as boating and fishing in the streams relate directly to the presence of high water quality. The excellent water quality in Salmon Brook provides for swimming opportunities.
  • Aquatic insect studies for the Salmon Brook indicate that conditions within the watershed are among the very best in Connecticut. For example, stoneflies, indicative of high water quality, are found throughout the Salmon Brook basin.
  • Overall, both the Farmington and Salmon Brook macroinvertebrate communities are outstanding.
  • The variety and abundance of freshwater mussel species and fish are indicators of high water quality.
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