Research Projects

Research Projects

The Lower Farmington River and Salmon Brook Wild & Scenic Committee contracts with qualified organizations and individuals to provide services and information related to the goals and priorities in its Management Plan.

Current research efforts include a survey of fresh water mussels in the lower Farmington River, a study of local reptiles and amphibians, water quality studies. Read more about the study here.

In 2022, under a contract with Roaring Brook Nature Center, Jay Kaplan, Executive Director and other local birding experts conducted a Bird Study in the towns along the Wild and Scenic Farmington River and Salmon Brook to:

  1. Survey bird species utilizing the Lower Farmington River/Salmon Brook Wild and Scenic area during the period May through August 2022.
  2. Make note of threats to bird habitat along the river.
  3. Make recommendations on how to maintain and/or enhance habitat in the study area.

LFSWS will soon be seeking a consultant to do a Recreational Needs Assessment related to recreational use of the Farmington River and Salmon Brook. We are trying to determine how the Wild & Scenic Committee might help ensure safe, river-friendly recreation. The work will involve working closely with each of the nine towns, recreational users and other groups to understand their concerns and to ascertain whether or not our group can help address them.

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