“Rock Snot” on the West Branch of the Farmington River

From the Connecticut DEEP

Attention Anglers – Rock Snot is in full bloom in the West Branch Farmington River from New Hartford to Hartland. Please take extra care to clean anything that has come into contact with the stream bottom. The species is Cymbella janischii, which is native to the Pacific Northwest and not found on the east coast. Unlike it’s more famous relative, Didymo, Cymbella is not as picky about environmental requirements and has a greater potential to be spread to other waters than Didymo. Soak and rinse with dish detergent, 10% Salt solution, 10% bleach, or freeze for 24 hours

In addition, here is a link for “check, clean, dry” procedures for boats: http://www.ct.gov/deep/cwp/view.asp?a=2696&q=322690&deepNav_GID=1630 .

Didymo Brochure (March 2016)

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